Our factories operate 44 high speed advanced SMT lines for high volume board assembly production. Equipped with RFID System and Barcode based Manufacturing Control System, we assure our customers with the fine accuracy and component traceability.
We are dedicated to fulfill customers' PCBA and component packaging needs with our industry-leading expertise, experience as well as top-notch packaging technologies, which include:
  •                      Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  •                      Pin Through Hole (PTH)
  •                      Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  •                      Fine Pitch Devices (Flip Chip)
  •                      Miniature Resistor and Capacitor Array (down to 0201)
  •                      Automated Connector Attach
  •                      High Pin Count Press-fit
  •                      Multiple Chip Module (MCM)
  •                      Chip Scale Package (CSP)
Our final assembly and testing lines are organized in both straight and cell structures, gearing to offer the maximum efficiency to orders of various sizes and best balance between volume and flexibility, serving the diverse needs of our customers.
We are ready to support our customers on their demands globally.

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