PC Partner’s Board of Directors is composed of 5 Executive Directors, 1 Non-executive Director and 3 Independent Non-executive Directors (INEDs). Our directors bring along profound and diversified professional and industry experience to the Group.

Executive Directors
Mr. WONG Shik Ho Tony (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. WONG Fong Pak (Executive Vice President)
Mr. LEUNG Wah Kan (Chief Operation Officer)
Mr. HO Nai Nap

Mr. MAN Wai Hung

Non-executive Director

Mrs. HO WONG Mary Mee-Tak

Independent Non-executive Directors
Mr. IP Shing Hing
Mr. LAI Kin Jerome

Mr. CHEUNG Ying Sheung

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Alternate Director
Mr. CHIU Wing Yui
(Alternate to Mrs. HO WONG Mary Mee-Tak )