We provide design, engineering and manufacturing services, efficiently supporting and enabling. With over 22 years of expertise, PC Partner bring solutions to a variety of industries with the know-how to manufacture your product, from design to mass production to end of life cycle with varying complexities from simple commercial PCBAs to more complex higher dense circuits with BGAs, Flip Chip, and Chip On-Board (COB) technologies to complete systems and or product solutions such as:

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Backup storage systems, Network Attached Storage
  • LED Display and modules

End-point Transactional Solutions

From human assisted point of sales terminals or self-service kiosks such as vending systems and ATMs, they are all an extension and continuation from your brand and all powered by a mini computer integrated into the complete solution. We have an extended range of powerful mini computer solutions ready to customize and integrate into your end point solution to power fast and graphically beautiful interfaces or with the ease of use in mind with secure connectivity.

  • 3D printers, ATMs, kiosks
  • Point of sales terminals, Vending systems


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