What You Need

Whether it is a kick-starter project or high volume board assembly production, your innovation needs a smart manufacturing solution to bring your products to life faster without compromise on quality. The satisfaction of your financial goals lies in the approach of how you cut downtime and cost in the production process. PC Partner is a partner with certified manufacturing techniques and facilities to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges for greater efficiency.

What We Do

PC Partner designs, manufactures and distributes wide range of products, thanks to our production plants in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, strategically located for effective industrial, logistics services as well as talent supply. With a floor area of over 150,000 square meters, our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and staffed by well-trained technical and operative employees offering superb attendance to every detail of production.

Our manufacturing specialists, with skills in industrial design, engineering, and proven experience in best-in-class manufacturing management, support your full product lifecycle from testing and tailored simulation tools to assembly and mass production. Throughout the entire process, we ensure the design and quality meet or exceed required specifications. All the effort we put in is for one goal - your new products hit the ground running with assured quality.

PC Partner (Dongguan) Limited
San Tun Management Zone,
Houjie, Dongguan,
Peoples Republic of China (Map)

Our Services:

  • Engineering Samples Making
  • Testing Procedure Release
  • Product Reliability Test
  • Product Certification
  • Production Planning
  • Manufacturing Validation
  • Production Pilot Run
  • Mass Production
  • Packaging Arrangement


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