Our People

We believe our success depends on the competency and commitment of our employees. Our employees are fully trained and certified before they are assigned to a job and are enhanced with on-going training and retraining so that they can give their best to our customers.

Through various programs, our employees are indoctrinated with PC Partner's values - trust, respect, teamwork, customer focus and continuous improvement.

At PC Partner, we make sure that our employees are well taken care of. In addition to clean and hygienic quarters and canteens, we offer various amenities including sports facilities, libraries, internet rooms, clinics, garden and farming beds. Recreational programs and sports contests are held regularly.


Employee Training and Development

PC Partner has formulated specific employee training and development policies to foster staff's self-improvement. We require our staff to complete induction programme and participate in certain annual training for the sake of our corporate growth as well as their own development. PC Partner offers financial support to encourage the staff to participate in cultural and technical certification programmes in their leisure time.

All these years, many employees have obtained their certifications through such support. Moving along with the society, we have allocated specific resources to training so that the employees can flexibly and quickly adapt to social changes, achieve career development and create more opportunities for our own business development.

We carried on the 6 SIXGMA certification programme to comprehensively improve our quality through enhancing the quality control ability of the relevant officers and technicians. We also roll out internal education certification project targeting at frontline staff to increase their comprehensive knowledge in factory management and expertise, thereby facilitating their career development.


Labour Standard

PC Partner has formulated its labour policy in accordance with the EICC standards, local laws and regulations, and the requirements of the respective stakeholders. In the process of formulating such labour policy, we have studied and evaluated relevant labour standards and local laws and regulations.

PC Partner recruits and selects the most suitable candidates as staff members based on the duties and need of the respective position. Major criteria for selection of candidates include integrity, academic achievements, expertise, capability and aptitude for the respective position. We do not discriminate candidates or offer different treatment based on their sex, age, nationality, ethnicity, religious belief, marital status, pregnancy, disabilities or family conditions.

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