PC Partner is committed to upholding the highest ethical standard in its business operations. We manage our occupational safety, hygiene, labour, ethics, human rights and other matters in accordance with OHSAS18001 and EICC standards. We have obtained OHSAS18001 certification.


Health and Safety

PC Partner is committed to the protection of employee safety, physical health and mental well-being. The policies under our occupational health and safety management system are documented and have obtained OHSAS18001 certification.

Our occupational health and safety management system covers applicable local and international laws and regulations and evaluates our compliance level to ensure that our business operations and activities meet the requirements of all relevant laws, regulations and standards.

We assure the consistent implementation of all health and safety policies with clear procedures, division of responsibilities, distinct requests and broad staff training. Occupational health and safety events are organised according to an evaluation of the sources of health and safety hazards.

We make sure that all the staff, ranging from the management to frontline staff, understand the duties of their jobs. As a part of our commitment towards staff health and safety, we have also launched various health and safety training courses to enhance staff health and safety awareness.

The occupational health and safety management system is also audited every year to ensure its continual effectiveness. Several customers have also reviewed our occupational health and safety management system in 2016.


Community Investment

The Company operates a balanced community participation programme, under which it conducts collaborative projects with different stakeholders (such as employees, members of local communities, non-profit partners, citizens, schools and governments).

Such projects include co-operating with schools to nurture local talents, supporting stricken community members by donations, serving underprivileged groups by volunteering events and protecting the environment.


Product Liability

We value the responses and transparent communication of the possible impacts of our products, and work closely with our partners along the supply chain to manage our products so as to maximise their useful life. We constantly evaluate and improve the safety and reliability, the use of restricted substances and the impact of conflict minerals of our products.

PC Partner uses almost 1,000 kinds of materials in its production. We make every effort to understand the substances of the materials and manage the environmental impact of our products. We co-operate with our suppliers to obtain comprehensive information of each material and product.

Such information allows us to ensure whether our materials contain the relevant prohibited substances that affect the environment, and to formulate management measures. We request the supplier of each material to provide laboratory report of restricted substances issued by third-parties and give warranty to confirm proper management of restricted substances.

We also discuss with the suppliers about restricted substance control techniques and management measures.


Supply Chain Management

PC Partner engages hundreds of major suppliers, including distributors and contractors, around the world. We require our suppliers to fulfill certain social responsibilities to ensure their compliance with environmental, occupational safety and health, labour, human rights and other matters. We also offer relevant training or guidances to familiarise the suppliers with these requirements and how to fulfill them.

We have notified our suppliers of our social responsibility policies spanning from environmental, occupational health and safety to labour, human rights and ethics, and help them comply with these requirements. To encourage our suppliers to fulfill the required social responsibilities, we also require them to give written undertakings to comply with our social responsibility policies. 

Social responsibility performance (e.g. environmental, occupational health and safety, labour, human rights and ethics) is also one of the criteria we use to select new suppliers. If any supplier cannot fulfill our social responsibility policies, such supplier may not become our qualified supplier.

We conduct on-site social responsibility audit against the relevant suppliers each year to ensure that they constantly fulfill our requirements in terms of social responsibility and to stimulate improvements.


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