Design and Engineering

What You Need

Time-to-market is crucial when introducing a new product to the market. Visualizing your ideas, developing from design concepts, electronics, software, tooling, and prototyping before mass production - the quicker you transform your design into prototypes for proof of concept, the lower the cost and risk you confront in the later stages of a product lifecycle. PC Partner engages to utilize capabilities in product design and engineering to speed up your process.

What We Do

In PC Partner we have 120+ R&D engineers and 40 design validation engineers who provide a broad range of design and engineering services to deliver tailor-made solutions and fulfilling the international regulatory standard as well as your demands. From PCB layout, hardware and software design, mechanical structure, tooling design, thermal design to packaging testing, we leverage our technical capabilities to iron out electrical design bugs, kick off mechanical parts tooling development, and build a seamless integration. It all leads to a quick prototype making that guarantees functionality, quality, manufacturability, reliability and performance.

Our Services:

  • Electronics Development
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Development
  • Packaging Development
  • Tooling Development
  • Prototyping


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